Note: All the teaching information and materials for COMP24111 2019/20 will be provided in Blackboard. This website will not be maintained for 2019/20.

Course outline

This course unit is aimed at 2nd year CS students, introducing the principles and practice behind Machine Learning algorithms. The prerequisite is the 1st year "Intro to Artificial Intelligence" and "Mathematics for Computer Science" courses, and an ability to program well - we will be using Matlab, though you will be expected to pick up the language yourself. In addition, this course unit involves a significant amount of mathematics and hence expects that anyone enrolled in this course unit has a good background in mathematics.

More detailed information on this course unit, including aims, syllabus, assessment methods and recommended textbooks, can be found on the Course Unit Description.

All students enrolling in this course unit (including those from other schools) are strongly sugggested reading the FAQ to find out the important information and answers to those frequently asked questions.

Lecturers: Ke Chen and Tingting Mu

Weeks 1-5, 7-11: LT 1.1

Labs (every 2 weeks)
Group G: Thursday 11:00-13:00
Group H: Thursday 16:00-18:00
Group F: Friday 11:00-13:00

Lab: LF31 (Thurs), 1.8 (Fri)