COMP34120 - Artificial Intelligence and Games
Preparing for On-line Teaching

Jonathan Shapiro

During the first semester, all teaching for this course will be remote and via Zoom. What happens in the second semester is anyone's guess.

Learning in the time of Covid -- semester 1

Preparing for Zoom learning

Pre-assigned break-out rooms will be used for problem-sessions and lab-sessions. To use pre-assigned break-out rooms in Zoom, each student must be on the University of Mancheter Zoom account, and during the session, the student must be connected through the desktop client or through the mobile app (not through the browser).

Download the Zoom desktop app or mobile app:
In the problem sessions and in the lab session, breakout rooms will be used. This requires that you connect with with the app for your device and not through the browswer.
Make sure you are on the UoM account:
Respond as instructed when you receive the instructions from Zoom.
Subscribe to the Course Announcements forum:
So the lecturers can communicate with you. Announcements which have been communicated will be listed.
Subscribe to the Discussion forum and Questions forum:
(Optional) to ask questions of the lecturers, and to discuss aspects of the course, respectively, use these two forums.

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COMP34120 - Artificial Intelligence and Games
Preparing for On-line Teaching

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