COMP34120 - Artificial Intelligence and Games -- Course Structure

Jon Shapiro

Xiao-Jun Zeng

1 Overview

This is a full year course. Each semester is divided into two halves:
The first six teaching weeks
consists of lectures and outside reading.
The second teaching five weeks
consists of group project work.
The project work constitutes 60% of the mark. The project work from each semester counts 30%. There is one final exam at the end which constitutes 40%.

2 Organisation

Semester 1:
The structure and theory of games (JLS)
Weeks 1 - 5, 7:
Lectures and reading on game theory and solving games. (Week 6 is reading week, no classes.)
Weeks 8 - 12:
Group project work. You will work in groups of 4 or less. You will make a bot which plays a particular two-player game. It will then participate in a tournament with the other groups' bots.

During the group project work, there only formal meetings are:

Week of November 19:
You must declare what you are going to do, and how to divide up the tasks. You must also upload a proforma with this information to Blackboard.
Week of December 10:
Presentations of your approach.
The Collab is booked for you work work together, and for us to give you help. (Same times as the lecture slots.)
Project Due:
11:59pm, Friday, December 14, 2018.

Semester 2:
Pricing Games and Mechanism Design (XJZ)
Weeks 19 - 24:
Lectures and reading.
Weeks 25 - 28, 32:
Group project work. Just like the first semester, except your agent will employ learning.(Weeks 29 - 31 are Easter Break.)
Week 26:
(w/c March 18, 20191) You must declare what you are going to do, and how to divide up the tasks.
Week 32:
(w/c April 29, 20191) Presentations of your approach and submission of your bot to the tournament.
Project Due:
5pm May 5, 2019.

3 Formation of Groups

Rules for forming groups for semester 1:
  1. You may form your own group, of 4 or less members, by signing up in your group using the Semester 1: Project Group Sign-up section on Blackboard. First agree on the members of your group, then add the names to the first empty group under this section. You can give your group a name or description if you want.

    You must sign up by Friday 19 October at 5pm.

  2. All remaining students will be assigned to groups by the lecturers.
Semester 2 will be similar.

4 Assessment

Project work:
There are two projects, one each semester. Each counts 30%. This assessment of the group will come from the following components:
Content of the approach:($15/30$)
How good was your idea, how well-informed by the course or outside literature, how creative, etc.
Performance of the approach:($15/30$)
This will be measured in terms of how well it plays. A good bot will be a strong player and make decisions quickly.

The assessment of the individuals' contributions will contribute to how the group mark is distributed across the group, as assessed using three methods:

Each group will be set up with a Group Journal on Blackboard2 You must use this to document your ideas and work to the lecturers. Specifically,

The final exam will cover the material from both semesters. The exam counts 40%.


We will use Blackboard. Once the groups are formed, we will give each group a group Journal. We expect you to use that to document the work and your contribution to it. We will use this in our assessment of the project and your contribution.

6 Resources

There is no book. Lecture notes, handouts, etc. will be accessible via Blackboard. The lectures will be podcast.

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