COMP35112 - Chip Multiprocessors


Course unit materials: The course unit materials (see below) are gradually being updated as the course unit proceeds. Please check the dates shown on the slides.

Access to lab multicore platform: We are using a multiprocessor machine called mcore48 for the lab work. Details appear in the labsheet for exercise 1 (see below). The list of people allowed to login to this machine will be updated in the third week of Semester 2. Once it has been updated, you should be able to log in using your usual university username and password and you should then see your normal filestore. If you have any problem logging in, please e-mail me and tell me what your username is.

Guest lecture: There may be a guest lecture later in the course. A previous guest lecturer was Dr Anton Lokhmotov from ARM. Anton described ARM’s Mali attached processor architecture and its associated OpenCL programming model and language. The slides are below, and Anton provided the following blogs for students to access giving supporting information about the things he showed during his talk, which you may find of interest:,, and .



There is also a reading list.