COMP25212 - System Architecture
Materials for Academic year 2016/2017

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Dr. Antoniu Pop
Dr. Javier Navaridas (course leader)

Recommended textbook

DA Patterson, JL Hennessy. Computer Organization and Design. The Hardware/Software Interface, Morgan Kaufmann


Exam (80%) + Labs (20%)

Lecture Handouts (ppt and pdf)


Caches 01, 02, 03, 04
    - A deep analysis on how to exploit the benefits of cache memory in our programs can be found here.
Storage 01, 02, 03
    - A visualization of Hard Disk Drive components and operation.
Virtualization 01, 02, 03


Pipelines PDF
Pipelining examples PDF
Out of Order Pipelines PDF
    - The original papers on CDC 6600, including the Scoreboard and on Tomasulo's algorithm

- A java applet simulating a Tomasulo pipeline can be found here
Multithreading PDF
    - A couple of background articles to read on hyperthreading:
      first, an Intel Technical Journal special issue on hyperthreading
      and the original 1997 paper on simultaneous multithreading.
Multicore PDF
    - Some info about ARM A15. 
    - An interesting article about the future of microprocesors, detailing current and future limitations to be found by computer architectures in the near future. 
Solutions to lecture exercises (and more) PDF

Laboratory Scripts (pdf)

Lab Script expt. 1 1 session
Lab Script expts. 2 & 3 2 + 1 sessions
Lab Script expt. 4 1 session

Past Exams

Exam + model answer 2016
Exam + model answer 2015
Exam + model answer 2014
Exam + model answer 2013

Older papers can be found here