COMP61342 : Computer Vision

MSc Module part of Taught Postgraduate Programmes


Contrast Enhancement

At the end of this practical you should be able to:
- understand the concept of the image histogram
- be familiar with the action of histogram modification
- histogram modification
- image arithmetic
- and image transformation


Grey Level Processing
Histogram Modification
Image Arithmetic
Image Transformation
Image Interpolation
Neighbourhood Operators
Point Operators

Read the introductory sections in the MATLAB user guide regarding file I/O and displays. Familiarise yourself with the MATLAB "HELP" facility.

Run the matlab "demos" and select the "Contrast Enhancement Techniques" (under "Enhancement") from the "Image Processing" toolbox. Investigate the effects of histogram modification on your own images.

The last version of Matlab we checked with this tutorial available is R2012a.

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