COMP61342 : Computer Vision

MSc Module part of Taught Postgraduate Programmes


Correcting Nonuniform Illumination

- Use this tutorial as an extra excesise on histogram manipulation in addition to "Contrast Enhancement Techniques"demo.
- Familiarise yourself with creating binary image from thresholding.


Grey Level Processing
Histogram Modification
Image Arithmetic

Run the matlab "demos" and select the "Correcting Nonuniform Illumination" (under "Enhancement") from the "Image Processing" toolbox. Investigate the effects of histogram modification on your own images.

This is a long demo. Try run through step 1-5 first, it provides some useful information related to your first assesment. It is then up-to you to decide whether you want to finish the whole demo.

The last version of Matlab we checked with this tutorial available is R2012a.

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