COMP61342 : Computer Vision

MSc Module part of Taught Postgraduate Programmes

Course Assessment Details

The assessment for the module will be based on a combination of coursework and an closed-book exam. The coursework consists of two parts: reports on a set of practical assignments carried out using MATLAB and an essay based on reading a collection of journal papers.

Reports on Practical Exercises (20 Marks total.)

You must have completed all the Self-Study materials and all practicals (Labs) before attempting these projects. If you haven't completed these practicals you will not have the software necessary to attempt the assesed work. You should carry out and write reports on the set of practical exercises described in the links below;
First Assessed Practical This material should be electronically submitted via blackboard by 11:55pm, Friday 27th March 2020.
Second Assessed Practical This material should be electronically submitted via blackboard by 11:59pm, Friday 24th April 2020.
The exercises are to be performed using the MATLAB image environment ( MATLAB hints). A moderate degree of collaboration in carrying out the work is acceptable but the reports must be entirely your own work. You can expect to have to draw upon both course work and previous practical experience. In each case you should explain the objective of the exercise, discuss the motivation for the approach, outline the combination of processes you used, explain the results you obtained, discuss the scope (ie general usefulness) of the method and try to address any specific questions raised. Your report should be illustrated with images showing stages in the processing. You do not need to explain the basics of MATLAB. A guide to the length of each report and the number of marks available will be provided with the project description.

Assesed Essay - Detecting and Recognising Faces in Images (20 Marks)

You will be given six papers that describe various approaches to the problem of detecting and identifying faces in images, and then asked to write a 1500-2000 word essay on the subject. Instructions for this essay are given in this PDF document.

Assessed Presentation - Detecting and Recognising Faces in Images (10 Marks)

Students wiil be asked to give a 15 minute presentation on one of the papers provided for the assessed essay task. Details are given in this PDF document.

The papers required for both the essay and presentation tasks are available below.

Paper Download
MultiLinear Analysis of Image Ensembles: TensorFaces PDF (822kB)
Eigenfaces vs. Fisherfaces: Recognition using Class Specific Linear Projection PDF (536kB)
Eigenfaces for Recognition PDF (10.1MB)
Probabilistic Visual Learning for Object Representation PDF (4.3MBB)
Nonlinear Component Analysis as a Kernel Eigenvalue Problem PDF (576kB)
Rapid Object Detection using a Boosted Cascade of Simple Features PDF (194kB)

Examination (50 Marks)

The course will have a 2-hour examination. This closed-book examination will cover all aspects of the course.

Dates to Remember

Course Aspect Date
First assessed MATLAB practical Submitted by Friday 27th March 2020
Second assessed MATLAB practical Submitted by Friday 24th April 2020
Assessed essay Submitted by Monday 8th May 2020
The final examination To be announced

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