COMP61021: Modelling and Visualisation of High Dimensional Data

This is an obsolete COMP61021 teaching website. FYI, COMP61021 has been refreshed as a new course unit entitled Representation Learning since AY2020-2021. This new course unit has been designed to deliver a class of the state-of-the-art machine learning methods in one of the most active areas in machine learning including deep learning. The current teaching website is hosted on the University Blackboard System. To see what are delivered in this course unit, please see the official Course Unit Description for details.

To enroll in this advanced machine learning course unit, one needs to meet some pre-requisites. First of all, including the single-module students, anyone must complete COMP61011: Foundations of Machine Learning. Apart from the pre-requisite course, one has also been assumed to have acquired a certain level of Math knowledge in their previous UG education or somewhere else. Click HERE to see the minimum Math knowledge required by this course unit. Prior to taking this course unit, one is strongly suggested self-assessing their own Math background to see if this course unit is suitable for themselve. In addition, Python programming and Jupyter notebook skills are essential to do the assessed coursework. Finally, it is worth highlighting that COMP61021 is delivered in a manner to gain the research experience and transferrable knowledge/skills, which may be quite different from the delivery method of other MSc course units.