COMP61021: Modelling and Visualization of High Dimensional Data

Welcome to visit the COMP61021 teaching website.

This is Module 2 in the Learning from Data theme, an advanced machine learning course unit. Anyone (including single-module students) who wants to enroll in this module must complete COMP61011: Introduction to Machine Learning, Module 1 in the Learning from Data theme, as COMP61021 requires the knowledge and skills acquired from COMP61011, the pre-requisite module. In addition, it is worth highlighting that COMP61021 is delivered in a manner to gain the research experience and transferrable knowledge/skills, which may be different from the delivery method of other MSc course units.

To take this course unit, certain mathematic knowledge is assumed to have been acquired in your previous education (click HERE to see the required Math knowledge that will be reviewed in the first lecture). Prior to choosing this course unit, one is strongly suggested self-assessing their own Math background to see if this course unit is suitable for themselve. Also, Matlab programming skills are required to do the assessed lab exercises and to understand all the learning algorithms delivered in this course unit (their Matlab implementation is provided on this teaching website). While studnets enrolled in this course unit are expected to pick up the Matlab language themselves. a tutorial session will be provided in the first Lab (Week 7) with the material, Matlab Tutorial, to support those students who have not used Matlab for programming before.

According to the university regulations on Intellectual Property, some materials on this website have to be restrictly accessed. Authentication information will be given to all the students who enroll in this course unit in the first lecture (Week 7). If you want to know what are delivered in this course unit, please see the official Course Unit Description for details.