COMP61511: Software Engineering Concepts In Practice

This is the web page where you will find news and more information about COMP61511.


The course is led by Bijan Parsia (personal page) and co-taught by Christos Kotselidis (personal page).

Python resources

If you don't know Python it will really help to learn a bit before class starts! We generally prefer Python 3 (3.6 esp). On lab machines, this is available in Linux via the command python.

There are a ton of online and off line resources for learning Python, including the official Python Tutorial. Think Python: How to think like a computer scientist is also quite good (skip over the UI programming bits) as is A Byte of Python (which is more like a longer tutorial).

There are also video courses, online course, etc. etc. We aren't going to be doing super complicated programming, so you don't really need much more than the official Python tutorial.