COMP62342: Ontology Engineering for The Semantic Web

Sean Bechhofer & Uli Sattler


This is the web page where you will find news and more information about COMP62342. There is, additionally, the syllabus page.

If you have any questions that might be of interest to others, please feel free to post it on Blackboard's discussion list.

Coursework and Timing

The course runs in Semester 2, period 4 on a Friday. The course is scheduled to start on Friday, March 13th, 2020. The schedule will usually include lectures in the morning and practical/lab work in the afternoon.

We will start at 09:00.

The deadline for handing in coursework will be 09:00 on Friday the following week.

Coursework, announcements, feedback, and discussions will be handled via Blackboard. We may also use Twitter (tag #comp62342) for announcements and news.

For part of the coursework, we'll be using the Protege 4 editor.

Late coursework:

If you have mitigating circumstances (either for lateness or for any other issue), you should fill out the mitigating circumstances form and hand it in to the student support office. The instructors and demonstrators do not grant extensions or resits for coursework directly: You need to go through the mitigating circumstances committee. Feel free to come talk to us about problems you are having as early as possible. We will help you navigate the system. But we will adhere to the system. If you do not have mitigating circumstances, then late coursework will attract penalties.


Assessment, quizzes and discussion boards are all hosted on Blackboard. We will make lecture notes available via this web page, but will not, in general provide printed handouts of all notes.

Schedule and materials:

Week Date Topic(s) Resources/Reading Slides/Materials
1 13/03 Practicalities
Intro to KR
Protege Tutorial
[what-is-kr] [isa]
[fhkb] [protege]
[owl2-overview] [owl2-reference] [owl2-primer]
Week 1 Practicalities
Week 1 Intro
2 20/03 Knowledge Acquisition
Competency Questions
OWL Semantics
[ka] [dl-handbook] [DL-OWL] Knowledge Acquisition
Competency Questions
OWL Semantics
3 27/03 OWL, FOL and Patterns
Role Modelling
[composition] [part-whole] [dl-handbook] OWL, FOL and Patterns
Role Modelling
OWL Reasoning Examples
4 24/04 More Reasoning
[dl-handbook] [owlapi-1] [owl-api-2] More Reasoning
OWL API Introduction
5 01/05 SKOS
Linked Data
Case Study
[skos-ref] [dl-handbook] [linked-data-1] [linked-data-2] SKOS
Linked Data
Linked Data Publication of Live Music Archives
Ontology-based Information Systems, Wrap-Up

Reading List

OWL Recommendations

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

  • [linked-data-1] Christian Bizer, Tom Heath, Tim Berners-Lee. Linked Data - The Story So Far. International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems (IJSWIS), Vol. 5(3), Pages 1-22. DOI: 10.4018/jswis.2009081901
  • [linked-data-2] Tom Heath and Christian Bizer (2011) Linked Data: Evolving the Web into a Global Data Space (1st edition). Synthesis Lectures on the Semantic Web: Theory and Technology, 1:1, 1-136. Morgan & Claypool.
  • [etree] Bechhofer, S., Page, K. R., Weigle, D., Fazekas, G. & Wilmering, T. (2017) Linked Data Publication of Live Music Archives and Analyses in The semantic web - ISWC 2017 : 16th International Semantic Web Conference, Vienna, Austria, October 21-25, 2017. Springer LNCS vol. 10588 DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-68204-4_3


  • [kr-r] Ronald Brachman, Hector Levesque Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Morgan Kaufmann Series in Artificial Intelligence
  • [common-sense] Jerry Hobbs, Robert Moore (eds) Formal Theories of the Commonsense World, Morgan Kaufmann.
  • [common-sense2] Ernest Davis Representations of Commonsense Knowledge, Morgan Kaufmann.
  • [fol] Jon Barwise and John Etchemendy.The Language of First Order Logic, CSLI Lecture Notes, 1993
  • [kr-ai] Han Reichgelt Knowledge Representation: An AI Perspective, Ablex Publishing, 1991.
  • [ontoclean-1] Guarino, Nicola and Chris Welty. An Overview of OntoClean. In Steffen Staab and Rudi Studer, eds., The Handbook on Ontologies. pp. 151-172. Berlin:Springer-Verlag.
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