COMP60621 : Future Multi-Core Computing

MSc Module part of Taught Postgraduate Programmes


The final grade is weighted 50% Exam, 10% Presentations of Papers and 40% Labs.

Lab breakdown and submission deadlines

Part of the marking will take place during lab sessions.
Code and written work will be checked for plagiarism, which is treated very seriously.

Within the lab work, the marks breakdown is as follows:
  • Marking of lab 0 (feedback provided)
  • Marking of lab 1 (feedback provided)
  • Marking of lab 2 (feedback provided)
  • Marking of lab 3, i.e. mini-project work (100%; if lab 0-lab2 are not presented/attempted, the mini-project mark is capped)
Remember: Even if you have not finished some parts of the lab exercises, it is more important to report on what you have managed to complete, than a late submission with everything finished.

Deadlines for submitting lab reports:
  • Lab 0: 9.00am 16/Nov/2018 (individual work)
  • Lab 1: 9.00am 23/Nov/2018 (group work)
  • Lab 2: 9.00am 30/Nov/2018 (group work)
  • Lab 3, i.e. mini-project work: 23:59 16/Dec/2018 (individual work)

Previous Exam Papers

In previous years this course was called COMP60632, COMP60012 and COMP60011. You can find the previous exams here