COMP80142 Academic Writing and Impact Studies

Jon Shapiro and Bijan Parsia 2018 – 2019

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Course description

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Locations and times

Location: Monday, 10–11, Kilburn G41.

Location: Tuesdays, 10–11, Kilburn G41.

Please see below for the session schedule and key dates as well as the group assignment.


100% coursework, 0% exam

Session schedule and key dates 2018–2019


Academic Writing

The reading list isn’t complete.


Week Class Lecture Reading Assignment
1 Mon Intro (Jon) How to Write a Good Paper in Computer Science Find people in school and their publications
1 Tue The Basics (Bijan) Computing as a discipline, How to not mess up your bibliographies with Bibtex, MCR referencing guide (A1) Create Bibtex file of pubs by in school people
2 Mon How to Skim/Review a Paper (Jon) Experimental Evaluation in Computer Science: A Quantitative Study (A1 due) Extract/manipulate/complete data
2 Tue Impact and Errors (Bijan) Spreadsheet Errors: What We Know. What We Think We Can Do.,
Information Technology Uses in Research: Best Practices and Recommendations,Why Most Published Research Findings Are False
(A2) Tiered venues
3 Mon Ethics etc. (Jon) Empirical evaluation in Computer Science research published by ACM (A2 due)
3 Tue Paper Process (Bijan) An Efficiency Comparison of Document Preparation Systems Used in Academic Research and Development, Information Technology Uses in Research: Best Practices and Recommendations (A3) Tichy coding
4 Mon Presenting Math/Algos (Jon) (A3 due)
4 Tue Presenting Empricial Results (Bijan) Reread How to Write a Good Paper in Computer Science (A4) Paper Draft
5 Mon Theses and EOY Reports (Bijan) PGR handbook (A4 due) Review A4s
5 Tue Wrap up (Jon) Review A4s

(A5) Final draft submitted with data.


Watch this space.


Group assignment

The groups have been assigned as yet.
Group         Name 


Assigned reading:

Note: this is not complete as of 3 February, 2019


Domain specific:

Examples of very well-written computer science papers

These are on the School wiki. Feel free to add examples which you find.

Search and citation search tools

Also on School wiki. Feel free to add others that you find useful.


Of Further Interest:

Concerning Research and Surviving a PhD

Journal Format Theses

A journal format thesis presents its content in the form of a collection of units suitable for publication in a peer-reviewed journal or conference. The 'papers' do not have to be published or even submitted. These were previously called "alternative format theses".
PhD Course Unit Material
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